Your Feedback Matters!

The LRC staff would like to thank all participants who completed the Library User Survey in May. The overall responses and additional comments are immensely helpful to the LRC staff.  Thanks to your feedback, we now know what needs to be improved in the months ahead.

There were many comments about inappropriate noise level and cell phone usage in the LRC. Come fall semester you will see signs identifying areas for “Quiet” (no conversation), “Moderate” (limited noise and quiet study group study) and “Collaborative” (group interactive study) noise levels. The LRC staff will also be making a concerted effort to circulate on both floors to monitor cell phone usage, group socialization, and recreational use of the computers. We hope these efforts will help to create a quieter library and one more conducive to study. By the way, we also recognize that the library staff needs to monitor our own noise levels and we promise to work on that!

We plan to conduct a library user survey each spring so you will have the opportunity to tell us the areas where we are doing a good job and the areas that need improvement. In the meantime, please remember we welcome your suggestions and comments on the LRC webpage or in the suggestion box located by the printers. Thank you again for participating in the 2014 Library User Survey!

We look forward to next month’s blog entry and your comments. Happy summer!


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