Mango Languages

Interested in learning a new language? Mango Languages is offered FREE to all Coastal students, faculty, and staff.

Have you ever wanted to learn Korean?  Are you taking a Spanish course and looking for a better way to supplement your learning?   If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then Mango Languages is the program for you!  Mango is an online language learning program that offers more than 40 different languages and 15 ESL courses.  To register, just access Mango Languages from any campus computer (found on the Databases page on the Coastal library website) and register.  Once you’ve registered on campus, you can access Mango from home or any other computer.  You can even download a smartphone app to use it on the go.  Whether you’re looking to learn a new language, or supplement what you already know, Mango is an excellent resource!

Enjoy! Amusez-vous! आनंद लें! Buon divertimento! 즐기십시오! Tadını çıkarın! Divirta-se! التمتع به! Geniet! Nauti!


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